If Love Was Our Religion

If Love Was Our Religion

The noise is dissipating.

Things are quieting down. A knowing-ness settles over some of us. The fiery conflicts and silly dramas surging from within are now only a smolder.

Upon looking at my brother, I see divinity instead of the ways of differentiation that create separateness and catapults us into relating to each other through frivolous competition.

In my sister, I see a vibration elegance that reflects the power of mother nature instead of a compliment to masculine pleasure and a partner in sexual gratification.

Whispered softly, knee to the ground, I’m finally surrendering and unburdening myself from this narcissistic need to know, which only created an unattractive arrogance furthering more of the separation hoped to alleviate. In the constant seeking, life led full circle back to where the journey began. How counter-intuitive.

Could the Christ known as Jesus have been right when he said, “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:3) What is this Kingdom he spoke of? Twelve loyal men at his side and hundreds of more following behind, eager to absorb the wisdom of this man that brought enlightenment in a time of merciless shadows, were led to a land they had possession of all along, they in their seeking, just didn’t see it.


All of our practices and seekings have been filtered down by popular thought leaders of our era that are expanding the meaning of love, universal consciousness, divine intelligence and empowering thoughts that challenge us to expand our burdened views of God (big G or little G…I never really know.)

It’s with us here, all along, we only must choose to see and embrace.


If love was my religion, I could just be. In that being-ness, you could just BE too and together, we can belong and actually create the wonder of our imaginations that reflects the divinity in which we seek.

No longer watching the dancers from the side, I join in the conscious coupling of the partnering that must happen for the beauty of dance to even exist.

L O V E.

If love was my religion, then I could trust that the universe exists as my house, to care for as it cares for me. There would be no lack, there would be no division, only a healthy portion for everyone to dip their ladles in deeply from a never-ending storehouse of riches.

My eyes widen, heartbeat quickens as I speak about it. “Aren’t you being naive?”, you may ask. Maybe. Ya, probably. I like to think of it as peacefully brave. Because to really love is the hardest HUMAN thing to do, much less master. Yet, this act connects me to the very thing I’ve been searching for…the knowing inside this body of mine, this “kingdom of heaven.”

Love requires we overlook all the apparent differentiation and powerfully engage in creative curiosity, live in a home, filled with others, to forge through and BE love.

Love fosters a rebellion to the ways that aren’t working, revolting against untested, outdated practices to give wings that soar into insights proven to heal, repair and bring resolve where there was once confusion.

Love holds the child that isn’t my own.

Love brings comfort to the woman suffering pain.

Love guides the man that has lost his way.

Love builds bridges of forgiveness and restoration that launch into creative expression, thriving businesses, sacred sexuality and true care of the deepest parts of ourselves, touching gently what has been forever hidden.

In love, we reflect our truest, highest self. In love, we become one, fear subsides and we advance into a state of god-like-ness, deities of beauty that capture the essence of powerful tenderness.

Have you ever wondered thought about love and spirituality together?

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  1. Avatar of Amanda Taylor

    “Every culture and religion has studied [God] in an atom, and believes that it has discovered Truth. In fact, they have but one ingredient. [God] is immense. Neither He nor Truth can be suppressed. Therefore, I have discerned among the cultures and religions which I have encountered, for even in years of fixed pursuit, one cannot learn the whole of these tissues of civilizations, that Truth, also, is infinite. It is not something that can be arrived at in a lifetime. I, therefore, have discerned of all the things which I have confronted, some of these ingredients of Truth, and though I have not hit upon it in its fullness, and indeed I never shall, I now have a faith with which I can sustain myself.”
    “But what faith is that?”
    “Compassion has its bounds.”
    “I own that it does. There is sometimes a compromise, sometimes not. But one must learn where to draw his own battle lines.”
    “Where are yours drawn?”
    “In injustice.”
    -an excerpt from my work-in-progress novel, “Emerging Shadows.”

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