If I Write a Letter

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If I write you a letter

A letter that tells you a story

A story of how I fervently prayed

Prayed for your life to sway

Sway into the right path

That path I’d wished you’d go

Go through the better ways

Ways long lost by you

If I write you a letter

A letter full of sorrow

Sorrow that has long been my marrow

A marrow which hopes for a new tomorrow

Tomorrow is seem so far

Far beyond from what I’ve dreamt

Dreams about you getting well

Well enough to rise up from hell

Hell which you’ve been living since

Since that day you’d loved to drink

Drink and drunk you’re always been

Been to that darkest realm

If I write you a letter

Would you want to read?

Read between the lines

Lines where tears continuously flow Read and comprehend

Of how I’ve been praying

For you  to change your life

Or maybe the two of us

Should be writing a letter

And tell the world how life has been bitter

Since you let that wine and spirit

Washed away and ruined your future


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