If I Wake

If I Wake

Taciturn but yearning for a life lost

full of lust for…and mourning the artist in me

and yet, between breath… I hold my head high, like a matriarch, a woman in command.

all strong women strung in a strand, my life on the shoulders of the great demand

my eyes steady and in line

A family of 4 you see

but the ghost of me, is weeping,

the ghost that I feed in the quiet awful night

my heart let to roam free in the dim moonlight

its all encapsulating and all demanding but my head forever the diplomat keeps the lid on top even as my heart riots for its release.

but there are arrows at my feet

and this is a culture that we reap.

this quiet feasting of my heart

I give it away, like its nothing, like its nothing to give

And I am gutted like a corpse

Doing my duty, a strong women, of course

I so I let it seep,

I let the wet, saltiness pursue me

Sting my face in this assault I’m not use to

But only a moment, nothing more

Because I am a statue, a virtue

I must follow through

I am the pretense that you see,

I am all steady and shadows of grace

Because I can’t stand to see your face

If I don’t fall to plan

I am the great divide

And if I come to break… all the things that lay before me…all beating hearts, at my mercy…

they all fall… if I wake

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