If He Doesn’t Have These 4 Traits, Don’t Marry Him

If He Doesn't Have These 4 Traits, Don't Marry Him


4.  You should not be the sole purpose of his existence –

Couples who live for each other and do everything together might sound cute, but the only place they work is in fantasies. It is very unhealthy for a couple to have no sort of social life beyond each other. And while it is a good thing that both of you single well with each other’s set of friends, you need to have a life and identity of your own. You might be two individuals deeply in love, but at the end of the day, you are individuals. You need to have individual interests which will give you sometime away from each other. Doesn’t mean that he has to be out partying every weekend, just that he shouldn’t be latched on to you every moment possible and call it his deep and unquenchable love for you.


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If He Doesn't Have These 4 Traits, Don't Marry Him

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