Identifying The More Subtle Signs of Emotional Abuse


If your relationship reflects these signs, then you are in a toxic relationship and going through emotional abuse. We urge you to get out of that toxic relationship and get a hold of your life. It’s not easy, it never is, maintain your emotional well being while you’re at it.


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Identifying The More Subtle Signs of Emotional Abuse


  1. I, lived this, life.. for 33, years. It, progressively got, worse. From, morning until night, I was called, names. He, be little everything that I, did. I, was a prisoner.. in my own, home. I, did something I never did before… I, stood up to him, and went, crazy. He, then decided that I was, done. He, hated me. He, spread, rumors. Even, called our daughter, and told her, lies. He, recorded, me. He, stopped paying for, anything. He, made friends with people who didnt know, me. He convinced them that I was, bad. He, hired, prostitutes, and justified it, as me being a, bitch. He, quit paying for our, home… and we were evicted at, gun point. He, left me and his, son.. in, a motel. He, ended up having a cardiac arrest, and in a coma. His, life was in my, hands. He, died 8 days, later, when we pulled life support. I, struggle with depression, anxiety, and PTSD., I, couldnt leave. He, would get me so upset, my mind would go into a paralyzed, state.