Identify Yourself – Giver, Receiver or Feeder….

Identify Yourself - Giver, Receiver or Feeder….

God created Men & Women, Good and Bad – we all know and accepted that there are two sides of everything on earth likewise … I see world a bit differently… I don’t see Men and Women, I see Human Being playing in 3 personalities! 

My today’s write-up will help you identify yourself and your personality in playground. You decide if you are a Giver, Receiver or Feeder. Let me help you once again ….


A person angel by heart, those who expect nothing and they try to keep everyone around happy, they sacrifice things for a smile on your face, since their childhood they have been taught good & positive things hence they are inculcated with positivity. As a Giver you may feel sometime your every drop of blood is being sucked, or this world sucks too; you can say up-to your level of being used but Giving is not bad. This get worse when you don’t have another Giver and you start feeling lonely, being used, being ignore, being demanded a lot. Best couple on earth is of two Givers together, they create best chemistry, physics and history 


They feed on Giver, everything what Giver has to give is with Receiver today. They can not return as they never learned what is returning! They were never taught to give and will take everything from you but in return don’t expect even a single expression in spite that you may hear this is not enough for them. If you have a Giver partner anywhere in life, never let them go at any cost in fact never them give chance to go away. Try giving sometime.


They feed on whatever comes out from Receiver. They promote Receiver to act in such a way that their purpose will get fulfil and they avoid facing Giver directly due to their inability of being a Feeder. For whole life they will keep doing what they were taught in this way only and their mind work for themselves. I don’t have anything about Feeders, but yes I feel pity for them. Stop Feeding on someone’s feelings and emotions, that hurts a lot, a lot… Just Go Away..

My purpose is to awake Receivers and Feeders, wake-up both of you and try to play different personalities sometime; you are not tree as someone said, you can move around.

And Yes, My Dear Giver don’t you ever give up …

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