9 Ways to Identify that Sociopath, Psychopath, or Narcissist in your life

 October 24, 2016

They are difficult to identify until it is too late. They do all these evil things under the mask of innocence, using sob stories and false-concern to twist your perception. Psychopaths drive people to lose their focus on anything else and create a situation where everyone is competing against each other to get their attention. This seems to be desired and wanted by everyone at all times.

7. Cognitive Dissonance

When a psychopath is around, one is likely to feel suffer from self-doubt and fear and these feeling will rise with each passing day. A psychopath projects themselves as “perfect” individuals in their victim’s eyes from day one. You will find yourself constantly struggling to reconcile the person who has an iconic image in your mind. Why do you have to struggle so much? This is because the persona you are considering as “perfect” is fake and nothing such existed. You have been trying to keep up with a false individual, and that is what you will find most difficult to accept.

You are always the wrong one when a psychopath is in your life. They will lie, steal, manipulate, cheat and con, but always you are the one who is with problems. Psychopaths are born with the ability to bend your perception about your own self. You will be made to feel, you are the one who is wrong when you point out their faults.


8. Intense and spontaneous

If you ever believed a psychopath when they did something that could have risked their life or reputation, think again. A psychopath is more intense and can do bizarre and erratic things. They will do these things to make their victim believe what they want to or if it is necessary to gain their attention. Weirder still, they will commit such acts with the spontaneity that can be matched only with truthfulness. One cannot help but think that no one will take such risks and will be persuaded to believe in psychopath’s version of story. 

9. Victim

They have been victimized by everyone. All the bad things that happened with them have been caused by someone else. The entire system acted against them, and that is why they did not get that much deserving promotion. Their ex was a cheater, liar, infidel, crazy or anything bad that can be imagined, which led to the divorce. They did not receive the custody of the kids because their ex planted false accusations in the court. If you look carefully, you can trace a pattern of blame game— psychopath –the victim and everyone else– ‘the culprit’.

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