Ichigo Ichie: 10 Principles Of The Japanese Art of Living Every Moment

Ichigo Ichie

5. Stop living in the past

It is human nature to dwell in the past and worry about the future. The truth is despite how much we think or worry we cannot change what has already occurred nor can we guarantee what will happen in the future.

The present moment is fleeting and the future is uncertain. Living in the past or the future is nothing but useless and painful. Living in the present moment is one of the core principles of Ichigo Ichie.

Ichigo Ichie: 10 Principles Of The Japanese Art of Living Every Moment
Ichigo Ichie: 10 Principles Of The Japanese Art of Living Every Moment

6. Acknowledge imperfection

We all want our lives to be perfect. Most of us tend to believe that we are perfect. But imperfection is the very essence of life and nature. This is why we should learn to celebrate our flaws and imperfections, instead of being fixated on being perfect.

t is only by accepting our imperfections, flaws and failures can we truly pursue personal development and find new paths towards success. As long as we have the courage and strength to improve ourselves, being imperfect is perfectly fine.

7. Practice meditation and mindfulness  

Meditation is one of the core practices of Zen Buddhism. The practice allows us to pause and observe our life by being detached from it. It opens our minds and allows us to observe our thoughts and emotions. Moreover, meditation also allows us to be more mindful using all our physical senses. 

We can learn to be more mindful by paying more attention to our senses – watching, listening, smelling, tasting and touching. Being mindful of our senses can add new dimensions to our perception and our human experience. It can also help to enhance our empathy levels, awareness, and alertness.

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8. Be compassionate

Practicing compassion is crucial as it can not only allow us to show kindness to others but also enable us to improve Practicing compassion is crucial as it can not only allow us to show kindness to others but also enable us to improve our own lives and be happier. Apart from offering natural healing benefits, compassion can also be rewarding for you, suggest recent research. {4} According to a 2009 study, compassion is closely related to psychological well-being. High levels of compassion for self and others is associated with “increased feelings of happiness, optimism, curiosity and connectedness, as well as decreased anxiety, depression, rumination and fear of failure,” adds the study. {5} Caring for others helps us connect more easily with them, which can often be highly rewarding. However, keep in mind that compassion starts by showing kindness to yourself.

9. Observe opportunities and coincidences

When you learn to observe the coincidences in your life, you open yourself up to receiving messages from the universe. When you are conscious and aware of all the little coincidences, you can better understand the messages the universe is sending. Journal every little detail you notice and observe the ephemeral & invisible divine interventions that make your daily life magical.

10. Hunt for moments

When you stop waiting for moments to be perfect or making predictions for things to occur and start letting go of your expectations, you start to experience Ichigo Ichie. Instead of waiting for things to happen, make things happen. Look for moments that make you and others happy on a daily basis and if you can’t find any, create them. 

Keep your mind open about being aware of special moments in your life as what you are experiencing now will never be experienced in the exact same way again. Seek and hunt for such moments as these are hidden treasures.

Live in the moment

“One must be deeply aware of the impermanence of the world.” – Dogen

Your experience of Ichigo Ichie largely depends on your capability to experience life through your five senses. It depends on how well you can relish every moment, how well you can savor what you’re doing in the current moment. When we do one thing at a time and do it with complete awareness as if it’s the last thing we’ll ever do, we will experience Ichi-go Ichi-e.

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As every moment is fleeting, we need to be more conscious about living every moment. We should not allow it to pass before we enjoy it, else we will lose that particular moment forever. The impermanent nature of life is the very reason why we must appreciate life even more.


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Ichigo Ichie: 10 Principles Of The Japanese Art of Living Every Moment
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