I won’t beg

I won't beg

48 thoughts on “I won’t beg”

  1. Love is not begging at all.it s blessing
    If U r ignoring means U r insulting God ,U r hurting Ur own heart ,U r making Ur self prisoner,or punishing Urself.its real wave created from both the heart.what do U think of we will beg love from somebody he will give us ,!!! No never.this feeling comes from both the hearts. Then only its known as love. Otherwise every thing is bogus ,fake.

  2. Oh! A threatening kind of love???
    I am not shaken with this kind of threat…as far as i know i’ve done my part & God knows that…
    If you want to start living without me, go ahead and move on…

  3. No one should have to beg for the love of another. That’s not how love works, but you better be sure the object of your affection is aware of it before jumping to conclusion that you’ve been rejected. It’s ridiculous to expect someone to read your mind. A healthy relationship isn’t possible when you don’t know how to communicate clearly, anyways.

  4. i couldn’t agree more.but it seems a little threatening though .or else what?are we gonna shoot the guy?just move on with your head high and your conciousness clean.everythig else is just a detail.

  5. We both hold on, so let's go sleep npw, see you tomorrow.. remember you are always loved and special ..God bless us

  6. No.please wait….don't come on conclusions immediately, think twice. maybe due to any reason it's not possible to contact it doesn't mean you have to think for separating relation….please wait.

    1. Yes, you have to give someone the benefit of the doubt, of course…but you will know in your heart if that behavior continues…you have to move on and heal yourself. Sometimes it's best for your own sanity as hard as it may be.

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