I Wish I Were A Cloud

I Wish I Were A Cloud

I wish I were a cloud

Soaring high above the blue skies

Wandering all along free and unleashed

With a trail of formed amorphous pictures

I daydream scaling marvellous height as you

With no big catapult or any projectile push

I find you right over the hilltop afloat merrily

Like a white woollen cap adorned perfectly

Down the countryside hill lay fresh paddy field

With a small satiating stream flowing through

Shine bright in the sun, the green lovely hue

Those pine canopies make the mesmerizing view

Alas! I know you’re only ephemeral vapour-mass

Still, pour on us ever with a bounty of happiness

All the silence and monotony of life breaks awhile

When your beautiful azure eyes lit up with a smile.

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