I wish feelings left

Would it be better or worse ?

29 thoughts on “I wish feelings left”

  1. A feeling that is for keeps, a sense of reassurance that says I'm here I care..rest assured you are for good…a holding on..no matter where you are, whom you are wi th..or when are we gonna be with..a sense of ownership with love , loyalty and respect..not a common gesture you always give to humaniry..

  2. I only hold , touch the person I love , care and treasured for keeps … whoever maybe my love of my life or my best friend.. it means I enjoyed their presence and happy with them


  3. feeling and person both are connected with me.if m with person let's enjoy feel and absence of person let's feel the feeling both are our creation let's spend time according to our own…….

  4. the question then is how deep is your love? or should i re-phrase it was there love on the first place? Me? i never lose my feelings for my best…not seeing my best makes my love grow deeper and deeper not even distance million miles away for 5 weeks didn't hinder my feelings. I can say it's true pure love for my best…no one or nothing can take his place in my heart, that's why i call him my best. i wish my best knew that 24/7 he is always remembered before and after i close my eyes my thoughts of him lingers in my mind. Can't wait till the day we see each other again…i hope best wish the same thing too…one thing is for sure before his birthday i'll come over
    ( here's the hardest part again thinking what to give on his birthday…can i wrap myself as a birthday present ha ha ha)
    i hope best will be happy to see me..
    i wish i'm still welcome in him. How can i ever forget my best who is just so awesome, amazing and wonderful…a man of few words but full of actions yikes! A man who made a big difference in my life.
    i miss him sooooo much. hugs and kisses for my best…can i get a hug too???
    ( just kidding) it's been a long time (April) since best ask one, still remember, after Easter sunday…sometimes i got sharp memory πŸ˜‰

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