I Will Never Forget How That First Moment Means So Much To Me

I want to go back to that late night’s talk with you over a brandy and just let your heart stray a little bit into your brain.

I want to go back to the times when I’m slipping through the cracks of the bathroom door like a ghost when you stay in it for too long. I want to feel the tip of your nose pressing on my forehead, my eyes and my cheeks. To feel your hands softly sliding on my back while kissing me.

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It’s true, I have just kissed you for the first time. I have kissed you timidly, nervous and scared but I promise you to hold you forever until the drop of infinity runs out.

I will never forget how that first moment means so much to me because I know that I can tell a beautiful story later.

And My Love, it doesn’t feel good without you. I want all days to be filled with your presence. I want to go back to you because you’re my Home. I want to spend all the moments with you, just the two of us- only us.

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Bea Pilotin - Writer
A woman who is passionate about coherent words.
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