I wasn’t born to belong to anyone.

I wasn't born to belong to anyone.

I wasn’t born to belong to anyone. I was born to share myself with someone who shares an equal amount of themselves with me.

Dru. Anthony

39 thoughts on “I wasn’t born to belong to anyone.”

  1. Avatar of Christopher Pakdel

    This is why it is so difficult, yet so important to voice your feelings in a relationship, no matter what the status: poly, mono, dating, open, married, divorced, etc. If you are not getting equal treatment according to your bssic needs as a human being, then it is not a healthy relationship. Might I add some statuses? Minority, Poor, Homeless, Unwell, etc. Now, all we have to do is discover and agree on “basic needs”, and we will be much better off. May I suggest one? Dignity.

    1. Avatar of Lydia Hunted

      You want me to disappear as a person and become what you see in me. My aunt, a fish, whatever you like. I can only be myself at home. You control everyone I know, my parents, at least my aunt. I cannot imagine any higher degree of violence.

  2. Avatar of Betty Faye

    A relationship is eaqual in quality. Not one being better than the other. Reference this in the Bible if you need facts for your relationship or marriage. Always honor one another. Hold each other up. An be equivalent to one another by all means.

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