I Was Born With A Soul That is Way Too Sensitive

I Was Born With A Soul That is Way Too Sensitive For This Cold Ugly World

I was born with a soul that is way too sensitive for this cold and ugly world, I have always felt things deeply and differently than most people. That has always been my blessing and my curse.

28 thoughts on “I Was Born With A Soul That is Way Too Sensitive”

  1. I have seen the city 9f light all the great amazing places our soul comes from, it saddened me to come back here after being in such a magical place but it’s also our duty to make this world a magical place wherever we can

    1. No such thing as evil…. just different levels of consciousness and all spirits ascend/evolve at different rates. We all have free will. We will hear and learn and accept the real truth when we are ready.

  2. Some of us feel more because we are star seeds. We came from higher vibrational lifetimes to this 3D lower dimensional plane. It is painful to do so.

  3. I see said my eyes, but my ears said they heard it differently, my brain tries to understand it, my heart still feels it, while my soul survives and knows what should be will be and what will be will be, the only constant in the Universe is change and how / what we think, say and do effects the out come of any / all changes in a lifetime and throughout eternity.

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