I Want To Be All Alone

I Want To Be All Alone

I want to sit alone in silence

On a peaceful hilly top

Beneath the banyan tree

Under the dark sky

With beautiful stars shinning bright

And in the full moon light

Where the cold wind touches my soul


I want to sit in silence

Wondering Deep thinking

And in talk with my self

To know what is wrong and right


I want to be alone in silence

Lying in the lap of the beauty

and Feeling the warmth of my mother


I want to sit in silence and watch

How the whole valley fills with color

When the sun sets, and then

I want to wake up in silence

With the shimmering sun rise

And with the cold chilling breeze


I want to Listen to the unknown song of birds

 And to the buzz of bees

and watch the clouds roll by

and their thundering sound


I want to be all alone

In silence in silence

Just for a while

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