I Wanna be Special for Someone Like You!!

January 16, 2019

In a world where people don’t see the love that’s worth waiting for, I wanna be the guy who is waiting for love to happen in a special way possible. Not just any love, but the love that lasts in the spaces of every heartbeat and fills every heart with a warmth that comforts the soul. The love that changes my everything, right from the way I look at the world to the way I feel, dream and even the way I search for magic in your eyes or the way I wanna see a glimpse of forever in those misty eyes.

Although you connect with so many people with whom you can be happy with and feel like you can maybe share your life with, there will be that one special person you will admire so much, you’ll forget your existence, no matter how many people you cross paths with. They haunt you when you are asleep, when you are awake, when you happy and even when you are sad.

And you are that special person for me, who deserves to wake up next to the person for whom relationship means more than just being together, and living under the same roof. With whom you fight, argue, scream and yet never get the thought of leaving them, not for a second. You deserve the kinda love that screams Forever in every action and every effort put for you.

You deserve someone who is willing to fight for you, willing to believe you are worth every hit they take for you, every drop of blood they shed for you. Someone who takes every risk for you, and never hesitates to spend a lifetime to love you unconditionally.

And for someone so special and so precious like you, there are some things I wish to tell you, even though you’d wanna avoid hearing this.

I wanna be the kinda person you have always dreamt of being with, the person of your dreams, the one who not just holds you to feel your touch, but the one who feels your soul in that touch.

I wanna be the guy who meets this great girl, who is mad, weird and makes me do the things I never thought I would, who makes me feel the magic of love, and makes me see things, the things in a different perspective. I wanna be the person who has fallen so madly in love with you, that I cannot breathe.

I wanna be the person of whom all your girl-friends are jealous of, the kinda person you thought was just fictional, the one who would always look into your eyes with the same intensity as the first time, the one who believes in you even when you don’t, and the one who would always stick around with you no matter how hard life gets.

I wanna be the person whose feelings for you never fades, the one you would wanna hold onto when your heart feels heavy, the one who would stick around even when you’re difficult to love.

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