I Used to Believe I Was an Introvert

 February 06, 2019

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This discovery has led me to a greater understanding of myself and of other people, and I am grateful. Although I am very extroverted, I was not aware of it, as I am not a “people person” at all; rather, I am an “agentic extrovert,” a driven, choleric-tempered, Type A person of excessive extremes, who requires a high level of eustress to feel well and to function at my peak. Needless to say, I love an energizing, stimulating environment. 

Dopamine plays a huge role in this, and for me, there’s no such thing as too much dopamine. I thrive on it. I am now a proven member of the very tribe I had previously loved to hate and look down on, but don’t expect me to eat any humble pie. It’s not my taste. Fortunately, my discovery has certainly not been a “humbling” feeling, but one of pride and belonging. I look forward to further exploring this side of my personality, to being LOUD in a world which needs someone to speak up.

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