I Think Its Brave

I think it’s brave.

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I think it is brave that you get up in the morning when your heartaches and your life is messy and you do not feel like being soft for the world. I think it is brave that you continue to love, and express, and open your soul, despite the way you were treated in the past. I think that it is brave that you keep going, that you keep believing in something more, something bigger, even when you may not know what you are hoping for. I think it is brave that you fight, I think it is brave that you choose, every single day, to move forward- because that is what makes you strong – THAT IS WHAT MAKES YOU STRONG.

– Bianca Sparacino

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Whimsical and romantic by nature, I am always on the lookout for the next crazy adventure I can enjoy! I believe that life is not meant to be serious all of the time, and we should have fun as much as we can. Also, writing has always been more than a hobby for me.
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