I Shall Rise

I Shall Rise

Now I shall rise from the wind of yesterday

I am born from the very earth

The same sequence of birth and death

I was gilded gold but now wear rust

The wind is my hope and I am only a dust

Formed from the reckless dreams

And sieve through the hands of time

Sometimes I blow and sometimes I am nothing

Sometimes a sore and sometimes a loving

I am the dust that needs little wind to carry

I am not too old of now to bury

But when it comes, I will die happily

Write my will of victories and stories

I wish I could go far like a sailor

Transcends through my faint and failures

Rise above all

The giant fences and walls

Some pocket full of  purple promises

Sweet is the word and sweet is the solace

But O wind!

Watch that same lonely boat

Well-built yet broken oars

Lost into the stillness of the shore

And who I am compared to thee

I am an only speck of dust by the sea.

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