I Quit

I quit all this madness

Sometimes, quitting is for the strong not the weak.

I’m done with this phase of my life where I always said “Yes”;

it’s my time now to choose and move and start.

Many years of my life lost in the waiting hall, never chosen for the prize,

waiting for the approval of everyone else except myself;

I quit all this madness.

My life is my only asset, no one should have control on it except me.

Yes, I lost time, and yes, I lost emotions and efforts, and yes, I was pushed away,

but in the end, I knew that I was pushed away in the right direction.

I had to learn it the hard way

I had to go through all of this to know, to understand that I don’t have to be perfect,

I don’t have to wait in the hall, its my right to be inside;

I will not wait for anyone to approve letting me in the right room for me.

Yes, the decision is hard, but its time I untangle myself from all those chains.

I quit the hard times, the stress, the anxiety, the running;

I will stop and breathe, and follow my heart and inspiration;

This is where I should be, even if this spot seems illogical to the world.

but this is where i will start and will be happy

this spot is the place im entering now and will never quit

-Elle Zee

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