I Never Cared about the Material Things

I never cared about the
material things a man could give me
I care about his time, attention,
honesty, loyalty and effort.
Those gifts mean more to me
than money can buy.

36 thoughts on “I Never Cared about the Material Things”

  1. So much this! I know a woman so stupid that she favors money more than action. I saved her life more than once, died once for her safety and health (was resuscitated in the hospital) and she, apparently, still ignores me, refuses to speak with me, and won’t even offer me a moment of her time and company because of the money some pathetic, worthless, useless, asshole spent on her. She treasures money more than life. Mundane materials more than genuine profound creativity, sentiment, and intellect. So it would seem.

  2. Have my own place doin renovations to it..i work hard for everythg i have i dont need a guys money a guys money or rank dont mean crap to me and i actually hate guys who flaunt their rank they gotta come down to earth if they wanna be with me cause if they dont i will remind them where they came from they gotta get their head outta the clouds humble themselves..i dont care about their job status..if a dude be disrespectg me im gonna walk up to him dump him..all i want from a guy is their time,loyalty , respect then love and the effort they give

    1. However a guy who made something of himself is a report card of his ambitions and sacrifices, a broke guy shows a lazy guy who sacrifice less with no goals . Can’t raise a family, go without silly arguments , expect him to be responsible if he’s broke inside his scull .:)

  3. So true. My family always taught me to never reply on a man for money. Now my income is twice as high as my husbands lol. He supported us when we had nothing and I was college. Now 10 years later I’m paying the rent but we are living happily ever after ❤ he is the best husband I know.

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