I met myself

i met myself

I was scheduled
to attend a meeting
which was supposed
to start at five
I reached a bit 
early at quarter to five
When I entered 
the meeting room
it was all empty
I sat down
and waited for others
to come
I looked at the 
roof, gazed at the walls.
And played with my phone.
Then looked at my watch
it was still Four fifty
only five minutes had passed.

I wondered how uncomfortable 
I was with silence
n couldn’t sit with myself 
for five min..
Couldn’t enjoy the peace 
without the turmoil and noise.

But as time passed
I started to look within.
I suddenly met myself
and laughed at the discovery.
It was beautiful to unravel a mystery.
I had been running
all over to find peace
but it was here right underneath
closer than I thought
It was within me.
It was me.
The clock struck five.
And others joined in to start the meeting.

But I had already 
had the most beautiful 
With Peace
with Love
with Happiness
with Light
with Joy
With Me.


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