8 Magical Ways Of Saying ‘I Love You’ For The First Time

magical ways of saying i love you

5. Go On A Trip Together.

Go on a romantic trip together, preferably somewhere that holds a special meaning for both of you. Maybe it’s the place where you met each other for the first time, or maybe it’s a place where both of you have wanted to go for a very long time. Plan the trip, think about what you want to say to them, and take off.

Once you reach your destination, focus on having fun, make sure that both of you are comfortable, and when the time is right, say ‘I love you’ to them. This will not just mean a new beginning for you both, but you will always have an amazing memory of the time when you said you loved each other for the first time.

6. Say It When You Are All Cozied Up With Each Other.

If you are constantly wondering when to say ‘I love you’ to them, then consider this. After a long, hectic day at work, both of you are all cozied up, cuddling with each other and are relaxed, and you think that everything is perfect, and whatever you need is right there with you, in your arms. So maybe, that is the right time to say what you have been waiting to say for such a long time.

Even if they don’t respond immediately, don’t take that as a red flag. They might need some time to process something intense like this, and after sleeping on it, they will be able to give you an honest answer. It’s a big step after all, and if they don’t say it back immediately, then don’t start to panic.

I love you
8 Magical Ways Of Saying 'I Love You' For The First Time

7. Have A Deep And Meaningful Conversation.

Deep, meaningful conversations are the best, aren’t they? You can talk about anything and everything under the sun, without really worrying about the fact that the other person might be bored. So, why not start off with a meaningful conversation, and then when you feel the time is right, confess your feelings?

Spending some quality time with the person you love can help you understand when they feel the most comfortable and relaxed, and when you see that they are genuinely involved in the conversation, take a leap of faith and spill your heart out. However, make sure that you don’t overdo it otherwise they will end up feeling overwhelmed and cornered.

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8. Drop The L-Bomb Casually.

On one hand, you have deep and meaningful conversations for saying ‘I love you’ for the first time. And on the other hand, you can drop the L-word without going to any extra lengths. What you can do is, when you are normally talking to each other, and they say something that really touches your heart, just casually say, ‘This is the reason I love you so much”. Smooth isn’t it?

If you are someone who doesn’t like to do a lot of planning and are a very in the moment kind of person, then this is the best thing for you. By doing this, you don’t also put a lot of pressure on the other person, and it comes across as very natural and normal too. But before you drop the L-bomb casually, make sure that you mean every word of it.

Did you get a little encouragement and motivation from this to go and confess your feelings to the person you love? If yes, then don’t wait any longer, because life is too short for not telling someone that you love them.

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8 Magical Ways Of Saying 'I Love You' For The First Time
magical ways of saying i love you pin
8 Magical Ways Of Saying 'I Love You' For The First Time
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