I Like Broken People With Broken Eyes And Broken Smiles

I like broken people with broken eyes and broken smiles. I like people who feel too much and have seen even more. I like people who are silent because they appreciate how sometimes words can’t explain the moment. I like people who find themselves in the most unusual places – where they go to fall apart in solitude. I admire these people, I look up to these people, for they know more about true love than anyone else.

~ r. m. drake

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R.M. Drakehttps://genius.com/artists/Robert-m-drake
Robert Macias, who goes by the name R. M. Drake, is a self-published writer. Known for his gray paper and typewriter font, he has taken over the world by storm with his beautiful words. With over 1.6 million followers on Instagram, 48k on Twitter, and 96k on Facebook, Drake has touched millions of people through his books and his pieces of poetry.
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