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I Honestly Think Relationships In General Would Be Healthier

I honestly think relationships
I honestly think relationships, in general, would be healthier, in general, if we didn’t believe they should always, by default, last forever.⁣⁣⁣

When the default is ‘forever’ and shorter relationships are seen as a failure, we miss out on a lot. We stay in relationships that don’t work because they’re not ‘bad enough’ to leave, as though not wanting the relationship anymore isn’t a good enough reason. We deny ourselves happy memories, saying ‘If it doesn’t work now, our love then wasn’t real.’ We pass on relationships we know would be short, because if it doesn’t last forever, what’s the point in joy in the moment?⁣⁣⁣

An ending isn’t a failure. It’s an ending. Most relationships have them. What would our relationships be like if we stopped focusing on our fear of endings and started focusing on what we – and our friends, partners, and families – need and want right now?

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Megan Margery

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