I Hate This Feeling

I hate this feeling.

Hidden secrets and half truths

Why I had to ask for her to be gone I don’t know

Knowing the suspicions I had

How bad the hurt and anger

Why didnt you walk away in the beginning

Why didnt you put her in her place

Defend me, and make it out like its my fault

I hate this feeling

That you really wont stay away from her

Continued secrets and lies

Not caring what I2 asked

About my hurt and anger

You talking bad about me

Blaming me

What are you hiding from me still?

What lies are you telling me?

What has really been going on?

I hate feeling like this.

The trusting idiot

The stupid fool

The laughing stock

I hate feeling like this.

I hate you for making me feel like this.

 I want to leave

 To be free of this burden

 Loving you is a death sentence

 Because your love is killing me


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