I Hate That There’s A Part Of Me Deep Within My Soul

I hate that theres a part of me

I hate that there’s a part of me deep within my soul that truly believes we will find our ways back to each other. There is a piece of me whose arms would open with welcome if ever you walked back through the same door you left. Eyes that still look for you in every crowd I stand in, checking over my shoulder wherever I might be doing double takes in the mirror just in case. Eyes that look for you in others hoping maybe there I’ll find myself again but everyone falls short. When someone is the best you have ever had, I don’t know how others compete. There is a piece of me that doesn’t believe our parts in each other’s stories are over. And I have no justifying that or believing it. It’s just a feeling. And lately, the last thing I’ve learned I can trust is the way I feel. I just don’t understand how I love yous led to silence and just never speaking again. I think we were both so much better than how we fell out and maybe that’s why I believe and hope maybe one day we’ll fall back into each other in a way that makes so much more sense to me.

– Kirsten Corley

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