I Forgive You

I Forgive You

To the young Me,

I forgive you.


I forgive you for being too lazy and too confident when you were in fourth grade and didn’t review enough to win the “Battle of the Brainy” quiz competition cause you thought you will win the title but ended up the opposite.


I forgive you for yelling at your sister because she changed the television’s channel while you were busy watching your favorite cartoon.


I forgive you for blaming your playmate about the broken window of your neighbor even though you were the culprit.


I forgive you for telling lies because you didn’t want to disappoint your parents.


I forgive you for making fun of your classmate because she was not an active kid in class and she was not as clever as you.


I forgive you for answering back to your parents when they were lecturing you about life lessons.


I forgive you for wasting your foods.


I forgive you for tolerating yourself, friends and seatmates cheat during examinations.


I forgive you for letting other kids bully someone who was weak.


I forgive you for asking too much money from your parents and telling them that the module you need at school was costly but the truth was that you wanted to go to malls and be a “one day millionaire”.


I forgive you for accepting a person you thought was your best friend but realized it too late that she did not cause she was a bad influence, only wanted you as an object.


I forgive you for your naivety.


I forgive you for chasing other people who only wanted you to be in danger. I forgive you for crying every night again and again and again because of them.


I forgive you for believing and trusting people easily. I forgive you for being vulnerable and fragile.


I forgive you for letting the man beside you inside the jeepney touched your legs, harassed you and frozen you to fear. I forgive you for not doing anything but to cry.


I forgive you for that moment when you were told you were not good enough and you just bowed your head and accepted it.


I will always forgive you for all the things you did.


However, stay humble. Stay friendly just like then.


Please remain confident just like you were in fourth grade but not too much.

Please stay righteous and fight for your words even though no one is there to support you.

Please make sure to stay funny, goofy and bubbly without hurting someone else’s feelings.

Please do not be afraid to believe, to trust and to love again despite being hurt so many times.

Please if you want to cry, cry your heart out, it will make you feel better.

Please remember that it’s fine to be naive but learn from your mistakes.

Please remain brave, just like the way you stood up for yourself when you knew she was not the best friend for you.

Please know when to let go of the people who don’t respect you and your feelings.

Please stay optimistic and look at the bright side of the picture.

Please prove to them that they are all wrong for telling you are not gonna make it.


Please never leave that small childlike quality inside your heart, the world is tough and rough, it doesn’t need another tough person.

Darling, please remain the childlike spirit. Please don’t forget to have fun, to be appreciative, to be polite, to be helpful and to be kind.


Also,  remember that there’s always someone who is smarter, higher and better than you, in the same way, there will be the time you are smarter, higher and better than them. That’s the cycle. Stay low-key.

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