I Find It Extremely Liberating

extremely liberating

I find it extremely liberating to see that I was the cause of all my problems. With this realization, I have also learned that I am my own solution. This is the great big gift of personal accountability. When we stop blaming external forces and own up to our responsibility we become the ultimate creators of our destiny.

– Jenna Galbut

22 thoughts on “I Find It Extremely Liberating”

  1. Avatar of Karim Gayraud

    NO ONE can speak in the absolute as absolute is infinity and we all know that there are no limits to infinity that can be reached or it is not infinity. So everything has to be relative which means a context is needed. It may be true in some context, but for one true, its opposite will always exists also true as it is the natural law of this realm, the other side of the same coin. To know what to do is called wisdom, and wisdom has no cookie cuters solution.

  2. Avatar of Jin Jin Elpedes

    well for me this is true.. cause I am the only one who can decide if what kind of problem those are welcome in my life.. if I can’t solve it then it’s not my problem at all.. maybe it’s yours 😛

  3. Avatar of Jerry Kontos

    What we allow, who we allow, to be part of our environment is our fault. What is not is what those things do to us. So the important part is to separate ourselves from those unhealthy things and move on…

  4. Avatar of Dirk Schmid

    Not true.
    Yes, I have had problems in my life that were my fault.
    But I’ve also had plenty that were not my fault at all.
    There is no rational reason why one should be the cause of ALL one’s problems, or why external forces should be completely innocent of blame.
    There are tonnes of external forces that can cause us unwanted problems in our lives.

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