I Don’t Want To Earn My Living

I Dont Want To Earn My Living

I don’t want to earn my living. I want to live.

-Oscar Wilde

12 thoughts on “I Don’t Want To Earn My Living”

  1. Avatar of William Foust

    To those that are opposing the post don’t take it as those that agree are lazy or waisted potentials I don’t think that’s what it meant lol stop being so cynical you know what it means but you seem to not want to admit to the fact your fighting for a means to an end. Its like in a way if someone asked you would you die for something… Wouldn’t you rather live for something… If it is righteous. I mean really Your a living being already why should you have to earn what is. It should be for all instead of an endless struggling to the top of the pyramids, for what? More power or influence over the man who is beside you? No offense but that’s my peace.

    1. Avatar of Frank Hemi

      When i go outside and cut firewood for my home I consider that living. Or work … to earn is to be stuck in a society stuck in a system that forces it’s people to follow some 9 to 5 theory as if they couldn’t go out and live off the land like intended to be..If you can grasp this ,then you’ll see the difference between earning and living and work to survive not to earn.

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