I don’t think I have lost myself in pain

Has been with me too.

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9 thoughts on “I don’t think I have lost myself in pain”

  1. There is a rawness that only comes during these dark times. Life stands still and all of the worldly distractions are silenced. Your soul is exposed and creates a tug of war with your superficial self. Sometimes a mourning of the person you thought you were takes place, creating more pain. Then an almost rebirth takes place. Your new authentic self, starts to see with new eyes and it all starts to make since. For me, personally, i would have remained an empty soul without the couple of dark years I lived. Before I spent the majority of my energy focused on esthetics, in attempts of satisfying what I subconsciously craving. I still have plenty of growing to do, but I've learned to shrink the impact my ego has in my life. I am, now (I definitely didn't see it then), so greatful for the time because it was when I got to meet the real me for the first time.

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