I don’t have a nervous system

I don’t have a nervous system. I am a nervous system.

12 thoughts on “I don’t have a nervous system”

  1. Baloney! That’s how some people see you – they see their own reflection, nervous about something else and blame it on you. I have been called “unflappable” by one of the brightest minds I know. I’ve always passed with high grades the major exams of my life the first time around – I don’t know what a re-take is – very fortunate; nerves of steel. The time to fall apart is afterwards – do your thing first, hold others up, walk away with your head high. Nerves? Save that for when it’s acceptable, not for silly things, like caring about what other people say or think about you. Life is too important to be nervous. My motto, for as long as I can remember, I tell myself, always have: “This is Zen … ” then plug in the word for the present activity that applies. It’s always worked for me, even going into major surgery. Many of my friends probably remember my offering that advice to them when they told me how nervous or scared they were of an approaching situation. Yes, I’ve told them: Do this, think Zen….”

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