I Chose to Shine..

I Chose to Shine..

I was sown like other seeds

It was up to me

How I wanted to be


They provided all the nourishment

But I was too young

To understand, the life’s meaning


I did what I wanted to

I have grown into a plant

With thorns and flowers


That is when I saw the world

That is when I realised

What I have done


I was cherished

I was cursed

By the surrounded ones


Now it’s up to me

How I wanted to be

When I grow big


It’s up to me

Whether to be kind

Or to grow into wild beast


So, I chose to be kind

I hid my darkest hours

With beautiful flowers


I gathered the courage

To be the most strongest

To be the best of all


And so here I am

Standing up right, touching high sky

Shining brightly under the sun shine

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