I Call Her ‘V’

I Call Her V

Her skin is painted on latex, black with a shiny thick gloss illuminating her body in the dim light. Her shoulder-length hair was slicked back, making her colorless eyes visible when she sees me; her pupils centered and as small and black as flakes of fresh ground pepper. The way she sneaks up on me is haunting, not hearing anything until she is right up next to me; her footsteps are dead silent to anyone with ears.

She is the ‘Who’ when I whisper “Who’s there?”, the one slithering slowly through my nightmares. When she’s close enough for me to sense, her energy radiates through me like water through a screen; I feel nothing but pure evil and hatred for as long as she’s holding me under.

All I can hear is the sound of my own screaming and static as this feeling takes over my entire body. I’m helpless and scared of what will happen next; what happens when I’m blacked out and she takes over my entirety?

When I come back from the darkness, I feel empty and weak as I regain what energy I have and stand up. I see my reflection in the mirror; but as I look closer and longer, I realize it’s not my face I’m looking at, it’s her…the one with the black skin and eyes that terrify me down to my bones…

She smiles. I stare hard, and slowly, I start to smile back. Her white eyes narrow and she starts to open her mouth to say something. As she does, I feel a hand on my shoulder; I jump and look back. Nothing.

When I look in the mirror again, it’s me—just the way I have always seen myself…except, my smile…my signature smirk that I’m known for in my selfies…it’s backward.

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