I am not open to many

I am not open to many

You are special to me.

35 thoughts on “I am not open to many”

  1. thank you for considering me to be special to you…
    Guess what??? you are more special to me…Same as you i'm a very shy indivudual, & since you are that extra special i allowed and responded with your loveable gestures…You are a blessing from God to me and i thank you so much. You're the best thing that ever happened to me more than a year ago. Isn't that amazing??? A very rare kind…Can i say I love you???well, i just did ha ha ha Lol. oh! yah! you're not my teacher to ask permission from, Remember? you once said that.
    Well, thank God i've met someone who is just so weired, mysterious but at the same time is just so anazing & awesome. Isn't that fantastic???
    May God bless you always now and forever.

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