I Am A Woman’s Woman

I Am A Woman's And A Faithful Friend

I am a woman’s woman and a faithful friend. I won’t run off with your man. I won’t hate you because you’re beautiful. I’ll celebrate your success as my own. I’ll keep your secrets & listen to your rants. I choose my friends carefully and if I choose u, I’ll love u like a sister.

71 thoughts on “I Am A Woman’s Woman”

    1. if it were true it would not need saying…nothing is ever true merely a temporary position until the right set of circumstances arise which affect a change….

  1. Marianna Romain strong woman stick together through thick and thin. We encourage each other and are there when it matters. Friends are those that love us when we forget how to love ourselves xx

  2. A new beginning is on your horizon but you must have the courage to push through. Declare your struggles over. Declare your enemies defeated. Declare yourself victorious. Do this with passion. Your own self-talk is a very powerful tool in cultivating your belief system and ultimately your results. If you are defeated in your thoughts you will be defeated in your life. If you are a champion in your thoughts – your success is inevitable.

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