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I Am A Woman

I am a woman, I should be timid – they say. I am a human, I know no limit  – I say.

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My existence is not meant for your judgment, Crushing me is not a sign of your triumphant.

My love for you has always been abundant, Why am I the one to make all the adjustments?

Look into my eyes, you’ll see a twinkle, Savaging it is so sinful.

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My demand for freedom makes you reluctant, Clothed in societal norms, I have to bear its repercussions.

How are the governing laws so different for both? What makes you so nervous of my growth?

Why do I have to fight for what is my right? Why do you enjoy my plight?

Being submissive is declared my attire, No one hears what my heart desires.

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I am not the one to dance on your note, I am a volcano that erupts on my own.

I don’t demand anything extraordinary, All I seek is equality.

Equality to Breathe without fear, Equality to be safe my dear!

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    Neha Srivastava
    Writing is a late boon into my life which is healing me from within. I am a deep thinker who has found solace in the lap of words. I write and as words keep flowing I feel more powerful. As my thoughts shape into words, my inner self is at peace. Such is the power of words I strongly feel. Destiny has showered me the gift to draw inspiration from my surroundings and I feel happy as I shape my thoughts into words. With this book of poetries I would like to pass on the power and magic of words to your world as well. I would be elated if my writings inspire you in a positive and meaningful way.
    Would love your thoughts, please comment.x