I Am A Murderer

I Am A Murderer


Silence Filled the Air. People Stopped from Chattering. The children cried. Parents Sobbed. I feel Doomed.

The sad news was like a bomb to my Ears. Maymay is gone. This is her wake. Maymay is gone. She is dead.


Severe Malnutrition and Hunger. These are the reasons.


I feel like I killed Maymay. I killed her ‘coz I have so many foods to eat but I choose to put it in trash. Most of the time Dinner is hanging on my plate.

I killed her ‘coz I have a lot of money but spends it in different materials things.

I killed her ‘coz I took for granted all the Blessings I have.

I killed Maymay. I am a Murderer!

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