Don’t Try To Hurt Someone On Purpose

Don't Try to Hurt Someone on Purpose

Don’t try to hurt someone on purpose just because they hurt you by Accident -The Coach

5 thoughts on “Don’t Try To Hurt Someone On Purpose”

  1. It is impossible not to hurt others. Whether you like it or not there are people you can hurt just by existing, what's important is being aware. becauae it shows that you care.

  2. Some do not intentionally hurt you, but some do. It all hurts the same regardless. It is about how you handle it that matters. Prayer is a powerful thing. I will most likely forgive, but I will always proceed with extreme caution and NEVER FORGET.

  3. Too often we feel hurt by others actions or words and we feed that hurt through our own thoughts on a continual basis. We blame them instead of recognizing that we have something to learn about ourselves, thus learning, accepting, forgiving ourselves, letting it go and moving on so we can experience now.

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