Hung By Your Own Dark Thoughts

Hung By Your Own Dark Thoughts
Chris Knutson

Hung by
your own dark thoughts

Ravina Jain

Don’t let yourself fall a victim
to your own thoughts
Because here’s the truth;

Pam Clayton

Thoughts of the past
Tumble through my mind
Making it impossible
To keep my life in line
It is easier to take the leap
With the rope of dreaded thoughts
Until I awake tomorrow
Realizing not all is lost

Karen MacLeod

The weight of repetitive negative ruminate
will be your fate if you wait too long
to become strong.
Too late will be your final song.

Shambha Shivaa

The bubble in my mind
keeps growing to infinity
blank I am yet.
so full of thoughts,
anxiety gets to it best.
until everything is blunt.
the weight of my thoughts
may pull me to death…

Rinku Shah

The grip of thoughts
is like a noose,
Why didn’t I let myself loose?
Overthinking kills!
The joy of life it spills…

Barbara Bauer

Dark cloud of anxiety
has me tied up in knots.

Jaimie Mazzone

Hung up by your thoughts,
don’t let them control you.
Live from your heart
and not from the mind.

Megha Guleria

by my own thoughts.

Annie Monserrate

 Your best enemy
lies in your Mind

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