We are in an age where all we seem to do is put a label on everything. We get offended by them but yet we are the ones who created them. The irony of it all is that we hate being labeled ourselves and yet we still put each other in boxes with a label on them. I think its time we rip off all the labels. Everyone is unique yet we are all the same, simply a mirror reflection of a part of you and me, the only label we should be associating ourselves with is “Human”.  As a human being we have a counsicous, emotions, feelings and all have an unique operating system we call the brain. Just like the ingredients on the food we consume has a unique combination to make the item. So, how can one person be just a label when some many factors go into making who we are? When you label someone , you put them in a category based on what you have perceive them to be from how you were raised, movies, books, TV, music, all outside influences that make the most logical sense in the mind for that individual. So before you start to judge and the label maker starts printing away, stop and realize by doing this we are apart of the problem and definitely not the solution. To change as a society it has to start with you and me.

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