Human Creation in This World

Human Creation in This World

It is there to believe that man differs from entity. Although both create the balance in this world, they are two different creatures. Entity can appear in various form; starts from angel, djinn, demons, or even any celestial beings such as fairy. However, both beings differ for what they are meant to be.

Will you believe me if I told you secrets? Ones that magnified in the Universe that now we call the Earth. There were secrets and promises made in the Universe, one of them already widely known as the story of Adam and Eve. After all, this curiosity will always start with a bunch of questions regarding our spirituality, our perspective of how we see the world, and especially if there’s someone who want to be over critical about this.

Let’s start with human beings. Is there all to know about the creation of man in this world? Does God create man for something? However, things complicated. Humans only know what God allows them to know. This is all for the purpose of creating the balance in life. Mind over matters, that’s what people call it these days.

But these secrets—each lies within man’s soul that eventually will seek for the path, either light or dark. For so many things in one’s life, there must be many upside down events before a person may able to seek for the truth of living. It is no horror show if we know what we are looking for. Between dreams and nightmares, a person can only get through a path by believing.

But after all, what’s the purpose of knowing all of these things with God’s secrets? Why does it matter? The reason is simple, and yet cliché; it is because humans need to know their historical roots.

Are not we all in the midst of seeking our real identity, our true color? Is that why we are here today in this world?

It is just like every time we are reflecting on a mirror. We see our own reflection, our face, our skin, and our eyes. All become an identity we know as a soul, which lies within a vessel. The more we know who we are, the more tangible the identity we will carry in this life.

One way we can know our identity is through belief system, where we can learn many things about spiritual journey. But first, does your belief demand you to study earthly things or heavenly things?

All things can be better through learning, from trial and error. But again, believing what you know is the most important matter. Therefore, skeptical thinking cannot be existed in order to reach the truest path of seeking our identity.

If all things done, humans no longer wander for too long. They could reside in a path they finally ended up with, either in the path of light or dark. There is no wrong or right, all is there seeking and believing.

What are you believe in today?

Human Creation in This World

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