How Zodiac Signs Actually Are

How Zodiac Signs Actually Are

How They Actually Are:

Aries: Not always angry until you piss them off. Needs a lot of attention. Wants to be loved. Controlling but very protective.

Taurus: Ambitious, materialistic and stubborn. They are lazy, but very charming and know how to start a conversation.

Gemini: Very charming people and master of mind games. Need attention more than anyone. Very social and adventurous.

Cancer: Very curious and very caring and they never hurt you. They’re intelligent and creative, but moody.

Leo: They’re very protective of their loved ones. They’re extroverts and entertainers of the squad.

Virgo: They’re not very social but ambitious and hard working. They know a lot of shit and versatile people.

Libra: They’re very adaptable, accepting and sweet. Sometimes romantic and charming, they’re such happy people.

Scorpio: They’re sweethearts until you piss them off. They can be sarcastic and ambitious. They love to love, are jealous and protective of their people.

Sagittarius: They’re moody, awkward and clumsy. One time they’re happy and next second very vulnerable. But they are honest and kind people.

Capricorn: They’re the “I don’t care” type of people. Ambitious and hard working. Mature on the outside, but actually childish at heart.

Aquarius: They’re wise, social people who are easy to talk to. Cool headed and can detect bullshit from miles away.

Pisces: They’re dreamy, shy and extremely intelligent. They look innocent but have the dirtiest imagination.

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