How Your Zodiac Sign Deals With Depression

How Your Zodiac Sign Deals With Depression

Astrology’s Insights on Depression

By Rick DiClemente

I am no clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist. Certainly, if you are experiencing life-debilitating depression, I highly encourage you to seek a professional. You may indeed be suffering a chemical imbalance in need of treatment, and this article does not intend to suffice for professional guidance.

Nevertheless, I’ve had enough depression myself and certainly have dealt with it in hundreds of cases with my clientele. I do think some general advice on an astrological basis may indeed be helpful. At least, it will give you some ideas to consider if in fact, you do experience occasional or even chronic blues. This article assumes that you have tried other medical techniques to relieve your depression.

Astrology is a very complex science that certainly can reveal very deep-seated patterns in our psyches. By analyzing each of the 12 signs of the zodiac, I feel I can shed some light in general per sign for you. Remember these are general per sign; you very well may have planets in other signs that compensate for what is said.



The Ram is seldom depressed unless other forces are at work. I have seen Aries who are offspring of parents who overly-cautioned them. This can be very serious because the Aries has been taught to not trust their instincts. Therefore, it becomes hard for them to get in touch with their fire (zest for life.) Aries are not to be cautioned. They thirst for activity and adventure. The cure for Aries is to get more active and get into more adventures where they can challenge themselves. Adrenalin junkies. Usually, they don’t have to contend with depression too much though – as is true with all fire signs.



Taurus is an unusual sign because they are fixed and earth. (Many of these descriptions are further explained in my new book, The Exquisite Zodiac [TEZ].) In general, Taureans have ONE mood – steady-as-she-goes. Usually possessing an even temperament, this sign hovers just above the level of depression. It’s a hard sign to get excited. Fixed signs are exactly as described. If they do get depressed, I have few answers for them. Usually, the best way out is a good meal, a bath, something tactile. Taureans really know how to feast the senses and are very sensual. Usually, they don’t get too depressed but stay on a nice even keel.



This flighty air sign is seldom depressed. Boredom is more their bane. There are so many new discoveries to be found for the Twins that they can usually wait 2 minutes, and the depression will pass. It is hard for Gemini to get in touch with deeper feelings – it’s just not their nature. Because of this, if they do have deeply disturbed feelings hiding underground, their depression can often be expressed by sudden, sharp outbursts of criticism. When it is hard to dig deep, introspect and uproot old painful memories, they can be haunted by them. A real favorable quality for Gemini is their ever-inquisitive, sharp intellect. They are obsessed with how the mind works and can usually figure out what’s bothering them. The main thing they must do is not run from or evade their hurts. Gemini is the evader of the zodiac. Many times they would be much better off if they can just slow down, take a breath and face the music.