How You Deal With Depression, Based On Your Zodiac Sign



Next, we deal with the most depressing sign of the zodiac in general. Ruled by serious Saturn, the Goat is usually flying low and steady, not too high above a depressive state. No sign can paint themselves into the corner of limited thinking like Capricorn. They often can see no way out of their self-imposed darkness. Because they want a guarantee in life before they’ll move or take a risk; this often leads to their “depression.”

Remember, the working motto of Capricorn is to “make sure”. Well, most times in life you simply cannot make sure of how life will turn out. It cannot be controlled. This is clearly what leads to their depression besides the fact that they are generally the pessimists of the 12 signs. Since the Goat is willing and able to take responsibility for everyone else; it generally stems from not trusting others to do what they must. That is their way out. Letting go, letting things be and trusting others.



Seldom do you find a depressed Aquarian? Again, we see the nature of fixed air keep them upbeat and interested in just about everything and everybody. They are almost never bored either. Don’t let them surprise you; this often aloof sign can have waters that run deep. Usually, however, they are so strong mentally that they won’t waste the time being down. This is a very advanced and evolved sign. Depression sometimes comes to this sign as they commonly feel very misunderstood. Surprisingly, they can feel like an alien on their own planet. This is because they are usually way ahead of their time.


12. PISCES  –

Few signs can wallow and suffer in silence like Pisces. However, they really don’t want to make a scene about it, not wanting anyone else to feel bad. Pisces simply can’t stand it when others feel bad as they are essentially very self-sacrificing. Usually, their depression is because they will not fight for their own rights as they feel a built-in attraction to martyrdom or sacrifice. They must fight off a sense of victimhood that they have actually invited. The key to staying happy for Pisces is not trying to save the world. They are here to do God’s will, not everyone else’s.


*Note how the “male” or odd-numbered signs which are either Fire or Air do not tend toward depression.

*Note how the “female” or even-numbered signs which are either Earth or Water tend toward depression.

(1)Aries, (3)Gemini, (5)Leo, (7)Libra, (9)Sagittarius, (11)Aquarius (4)Cancer, (8)Scorpio, (10)Capricorn, (12)Pisces

Exceptions: (2)Taurus & (6)Virgo

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How Your Zodiac Sign Deals With Depression
How You Deal With Depression, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

How You Deal With Depression, based on your zodiac sign
How You Deal With Depression, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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