How Your Zodiac Sign Deals With Depression

 October 25, 2016

How Your Zodiac Sign Deals With Depression



Clearly the moodiest of all signs, Cancer is very prone to depression. Theirs is mainly because they often feel that “nobody loves them.” That response comes with the territory as Cancer is the first of the water signs (TEZ.) When a Cancer has the blues, they almost always try to find a friendly shoulder. This can get old for both parties but actually doesn’t help the Cancer that much in the long term. This is where enabling can become quite dangerous. Many times the Crab just doesn’t feel as if they can deal with life’s hardships alone. They must learn that they can handle it, else considerable depression can last a long time. Certainly the cure for Cancerian doldrums is to surround themselves with family and support. If the Cancer has their all-important Moon in a fiery sign like Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, this will help greatly, keeping their feelings buoyant. The main thing the Cancer must avoid is retreating into their shell, moping and expecting other to read their minds. Also, they must clearly ask themselves, “Is this really true that xxx doesn’t love them?” Many times an honest no answer will kick-start them out of their funk.


LEO  –

The Lion is the sign that is hardly ever depressed, but don’t let that fool you. Being ruled by the fiery Sun and being a fixed sign (TEZ), they are usually quite upbeat. However, they’re good at hiding their pain; especially from themselves. If they feel disrespected (which they have to truly inquire about) then they can really suffer with depression. Remember, inside every Leo is a recent Cancer (TEZ). Leos try so hard to remain upbeat and act as if everything is FINE. But it’s not always the case – therefore they can do a lot of suffering in silence, simply because they don’t want it known to anybody that they could be toiling with emotions. Leos believe that emotional baggage was left behind in the former sign of Cancer. Far and away though, Leos usually experience a quite active and upbeat life. Their problems come in when they’re alone.



Virgo is very seldom depressed. They’re not allowed to be, and neither is anyone around them. Depression is seen as a weakness that can only be remedied by getting off of their butts and getting back to work. Being productive is the solution to everything? Right? Remember “depress” is a verb, like pushing a button down. Virgos will not allow themselves that choice.



Surprisingly, this strong air sign (TEZ) is seldom depressed. If they are, it’s commonly because they have other planets in moody Scorpio. Remember, it’s very common to have a considerable number of our other planets (besides the Sun) in neighboring signs. Librans are smart and find intriguing dialogue and the latest news irresistible. Therefore, talking with friends or engaging in social events is the ticket out of depression for them. In general, Libran feelings do not run deep, therefore they are less likely to suffer depression. Air signs live in thought. Shopping and surrounding themselves with beauty and harmony can provide a temporary fix. The key to getting out of the blues for this sign is to strengthen the self instead of always thinking that a stronger partnership will do it for them.

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