How Your Day Was

your day

Be with someone who wants to know how your day was.

9 thoughts on “How Your Day Was”

  1. yah! expectation of a warm welcome back was my biggest mistake…
    i would say yes, there's no forever if there's no deep connection because it will be just so easy to go astray and give up…it's true to never expect but be grateful always…

  2. We build our own heartbreaks through expectations.
    Someone treats us good and we make it up in our mind that this behavior will continue. There's no forever. Once treated good should be our forever. We need to be grateful for that.
    If we learn this. Life is so much more beautiful than we have made it

  3. yah! i can relate to this….unfortunately that someone made me felt alone and unwanted when i was there…inagine being away for 5 weeks ofcourse i was excited to see that someone but then after seeing that someone for 2 days…evetything seems to be different from that someone. imagine the feeling of being so near with each other and yet far from each other. i felt alone even thst someone was around…i didn't see and feel the excitement from thst someone to see me…it was different so even though i want to be with that someone i gave that someone some space and kept myself busy…i miss that someine so much…

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