10 Anxiety Facts You Must Know To Manage It Better

Anxiety Facts Know Manage Better

7. People with anxiety are quicker to perceive changes in facial expressions.

Highly anxious people will often make mistakes when trying to infer other people’s emotional states and intentions because they are quick to pick up on changes in facial expressions and have the tendency to jump to conclusions.

People with social anxiety will interact with others very carefully; they will pay attention to their own words and really mind people’s opinions toward their behaviors.

Sometimes, this trait makes people with anxiety lovable since they can make others like them, because of their careful manners.

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8. Writing and listening to music can reduce your anxiety.

Many therapists suggest people who have the anxiety to write a journal or a ‘worry-diary’ when they experience it on a daily basis.

Writing could help you to untangle your own thoughts and being cleared towards the things you really worry about. The writing process makes your mind organize itself and it will regulate the feeling of anxiousness.

Music could also make the people with anxiety feel at ease; it makes us more relaxed, especially when we listen to the music with a slow rhythm.

9. Practicing mindfulness is the key to controlling your anxiety.

Meditation and practicing yoga can ease your mind as it is a process of mindfulness- it’s a process of observing and noticing what’s happening now, without judgment. Mindfulness can ease stress and help to alleviate depression and anxiety because it’s a powerful way to elicit the relaxation response in your body.

Try to practice deep breathing in each of your activities could help you to deal with anxiety too. The key is to make your mind be focused on only one thing, which is your own breathing.

Facts about anxiety
Facts about anxiety

10. Anxiety will always there, but it actually could be turned off.

Your anxiety will never disappear, but you can always turn its volume down. You need to give your mind a break from worrying over the same thing by imagining that you’re putting some of your disturbing thoughts in a box.

Then, imagine that you’re putting the box in a place you can’t see until you need to go back to retrieve something out of it. Once you put the box away, try to focus on your present moment and let your mind be occupied with whatever you’re doing currently.

At the end of the day, when you’re able to control your own mind, you can control your anxiety as well.

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Facts about anxiety
Anxiety Facts Know Manage Better Pin
10 Anxiety Facts You Must Know To Manage It Better

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