How to Tell If These Zodiac Signs Love/Hate You

How to Tell If These Zodiac Signs Love Hate You

How To Tell If They Love/Hate You:

Aries: Talks to you 24/7, relaxes around you/ straight up ignores you and pretends you don’t exist.

Taurus: Is cuddly with you and tells you their deep thoughts/ gives you dirty looks and talks mad shit.

Gemini: Tells you good jokes, and takes you into their friend group, wants to know if you’re okay/ is fake and two-faced, acts as they love you.

Cancer: Calls and texts you daily, always asks for help and for a listener/avoids you, doesn’t want to be in the same place as you.

Leo: Acts weird and funny around you, opens up and lets you into their lives/acts scared of you or simply never talks to you.

Virgo: Isn’t as shy and reserved, compliments you/ acts like you’re not worth their time.  

Libra: Has super funny inside jokes with you, always asks you to do something/ gets angry easily and finds new friends that aren’t you.  

Scorpio: Literally would let you live with them, always making sure you’re alright/ they just straight up tell you!  

Sagittarius: Would honestly do anything for you as a friend, bends over backwards for you/ yells and gets angry because they did everything for you.  

Capricorn: Aren’t as tightly rigid around you, let’s their guard down/ calls you out for everything you do wrong  

Aquarius: Lets you be weird with them and enjoy life with them is open and sweet / Doesn’t tell you they hate you, leaves you guessing…  

Pisces: Has deep talks all night long, does nothing with you all day/ distances themselves and gets really saddened and upset.


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