How To Tell If The Zodiac Signs Like You

How To Tell If The Zodiac Signs Like You

How To Tell If The Zodiac Signs Like You

Aries: Stares at you and whips their head away when you catch them

Taurus: Talks super excitedly with you and is super bubbly

Gemini: Will probably be really mean and sarcastic to you

Cancer: Hardcore stalks your Instagram but will never let you know

Leo: Smiles from ear to ear for no apparent reason, just for being around you

Virgo: Asks a bunch of questions about you, feels almost like an interview

Libra: Makes a lot of eye contact to the point where it might be creepy

Scorpio: “Accidentally” bumps into you on the way to class but really figured out your entire schedule

Sagittarius: Gives really obvious signs but thinks they’re being low-key

Capricorn: Will make up a really corny but cute nickname for you

Aquarius: Cracks terrible jokes and looks at you each time to see if you laugh

Pisces: Blushes every time they speak or even make eye contact with you


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